Plastic Card Production

High Quality Plastic Printing

Looking for a gift card that shows off your business and matches your branding?

Let Swipe It handle all your Plastic card printing needs.  We print everything 100% custom front and back so we can capture the look and feel of your business.  All cards come with FREE design layout. 

76% of adults decided to purchase at least one gift card for holiday shopping

Gift cards have been the number one requested gift for the last 13 holiday seasons


1 Gift and Loyalty Cards

Print standard size gift and loyalty cards to help promote your business.  We can print cards for you to process with the Swipe It processing system or any system you desire.  All cards are printed with full color front and 1 color back and include the encoding of the magnetic stripe and a printed number on the card.  

2 Business Cards

Want your business card to stand out in a crowd?  Print them on plastic.  As a bonus you can use your business card as a gift card by adding value to it.  Meet a new person who has never heard of your business?  Give them a business card that has a $5 value on it to drive them into your location. 

3 Promotional Mailers

Create a custom postcard with a snap off gift card on it.  You can set all gift cards to have a random value on them.  The only way to know what you won is to come in and purchase something at your location.  Once swiped into the processing system you will know what the customer is winning.  

4 Hotel Key Tags

Print a card to use as a Key to open the doors in your Hotel, Motel or Inn.  We can assist in all aspects of the card from design to production to consulting on best practices for advertising on the cards. 

5 Plastic Fundraising Cards

Looking to raise money for your non-profit, school, sports team, church, club, sorority or fraternity, group or association?  Our fundraising cards can be a low-cost easy way to raise money for your organization.