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How did the Electric Cheetah get its name you ask? The Electric Cheetah started as a backyard birthday party that had hundreds of little twinkling lights strung high in the air, just which is what the lights hung in our restaurant represent. As the party progressed, our guests commented that they were getting little shocks from everything they touched, you know, the party was �Electric�. During a celebratory toast, a spotted cat came leaping across the table tops feeling the same little shocks that we all had been feeling as well. The host, still in awe that this had actually happened, proclaimed that we shall call this birthday celebration �The Electric Cheetah�. That back yard, here in Grand Rapids became known as �The Electric Cheetah� and the lights remained.

Moving on, The Electric Cheetah name came along for the ride. I started catering under the name, �The Kitchen of the Electric Cheetah� and I said, �if I ever open a restaurant, it would be called �The Electric Cheetah,�� and here we are.

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