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Teaneck Doghouse is a one of a kind eatery in Bergen County, under the supervision of Rabbi Zushe Yosef Blech, Hasgachat Kashrus of Kehillas Bais Ben Zion, Monsey, NY. It serves as the only KOSHER Sports Restaurant in Bergen County that also serves Alcohol. Teaneck Doghouse provides the only real Sports location in the area with 28 TV’s and the ability to show all sporting games and events. The Teaneck Doghouse is the go to location for those looking to enjoy a kosher, family friendly sports viewing environment. We will be open from 11AM until 1AM or later, in order to show west coast games in their entirety. The Teaneck Doghouse is a place where the whole family can come, eat, drink, and have fun watching a game and hang out. We look forward to welcoming you at the Teaneck Doghouse!

With 28 TV's showing sports all day long, you'll never miss a moment of a game.

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