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�From as young as I can remember, I was tossing pizzas with my Pop Pop and my Mom. Pizza was just what my family did. We�d cook pizza. We�d eat pizza. We�d be a family � all around pizza pies,� says Pizza Pete Campbell.
Campbell and his wife Jacquie Campbell have been running Red Wagon as a part-time passion project for a few years, building a fan-base from their regular perch at The Linden Hills Farmer�s Market. But their desire to open a bricks-and-mortar restaurant dates back to Pete�s earliest years growing up in Dearborn, MI and St. Paul, MN.

That spirit of casual camaraderie infuses Red Wagon, a vintage black-and-white photograph dominates one of the warm gray walls at the restaurant. It�s a picture of Peter�s grandfather, enjoying his homemade pizza with his wife and three daughters. One of those little girls with ringlets and bright eyes is Barb Campbell, Peter�s understandably proud mother, �Peter & Jacquie are making their dream come true, but it�s a dream that this family has been living for generations. Food really is one of the ways we show our love.�

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