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About Us


We are a working class organization, rooted at our family's kitchen table
where the only star is the food and the music is laughter and stories.

We embrace loyalty, gratitude, excellence and community,
sharing these values in our restaurants everyday.
We like to have fun. We aim to make our guests smile.


Paul Wahlberg still remembers the smell of his Dad's BBQ grill and the big pot he used to fry up their homemade French fries. It's the casual comfort food from his childhood that he still loves best.

In hopes of sharing some of these favorite recipes, Paul got together
with his family and partners to create a comfortable, friendly restaurant
that would appeal to every generation. Of course, one of his favorite foods
has always been burgers and there are plenty of them at Wahlburgers
along with a few creative spins on fun side dishes from his past.


Our chef-inspired menu offers delicious burgers
and so much more made with only fresh ground beef,
high-quality ingredients and lots of love.

Join the Wahlburgers family.
Stop in, sit down, and make memories with us.

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