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POSITIVE COMMITMENT Harvesting Italian flavors and infusing them with a Vermont sensibility, our pledge is to take our food seriously. We are fully committed to making from-scratch, eclectic and delicious plates while always hand-tossing our pizzas. Our benchmark beer, wine & spirit menus are carefully crafted to compliment our food. We practice friendly, honest and knowledgable service and are devoted to providing you snapshots of our heritage � all at a great value.

We also reserve the right to throw a party, book a band or clear the dining room to make room for dancing!!!

We think like you do and believe that it is the patron�s right to enjoy a real & honest meal out on the town. We also care about where our food comes from, and while sometimes (due to price, availability, or quality) we can�t select the ideals with every item we buy, we will continue to strive to source the best products, seasonally and regionally, whenever possible. It doesn�t stop at the food as we practice recycling and composting. Blackbear Biodiesel, in Plainfield, Vermont refines our used into a clean burning domestic fuel reducing our dependence on foreign oil. These are our attempts to make sure that what is taken out of the environment is put back in, so land and resources such as water, soil and air can be replenished and are available to future generations. We deeply thank you for you continued support.

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