Old Yarmouth Inn Restaurant & Tavern
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The Old Yarmouth Inn, established in 1696, lays claim as the oldest inn on Cape Cod. Situated at the halfway point on the long day and a half journey from Plymouth to Provincetown, it became a welcome haven for the weary traveler in need of lodging, food and drink. In early colonial times it was very common to build taverns close to churches. After long hours in unheated churches parishioners would gather in front of a warm fire and enjoy refreshments provided by the innkeeper.

During the Revolutionary War, inns often served many purposes for the townsfolk: newsrooms for the colonists, barracks for the soldiers and sometimes even as hospitals. Because of a fire at the Town Hall where most important documents were kept, few papers survive to outline the Inn�fs true history, but the Inn�fs guest registry from the 1860��s survives as testimony to the hundreds of travelers that have come before.

The Old Yarmouth Inn continues to serve as a respite for weary travelers, as a gathering place for local townspeople and as a favorite dining spot on Cape Cod for friends and families.

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