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We've come a long way from the early days in 1958 when Mel's was known as the Elmwood Donut Shop - just a counter, 14 stools and a large variety of donuts. But even back then we always listened to what our customer had to say.
That's why in 1956 we added a grill and started to cook hamburgers and hot dogs. When our customers saw the grill they said "How about bacon and eggs?" and so breakfast became the new meal at Mel's. Next came BLTs and ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch.
If you were wondering how our "Mailman Salad" came to be named, it started out as a warm weather request by our local mail carriers. Other customers would see the salad and order a salad like the mailmen were eating. Thus the creation of the "Mailman Salad".
I guess what I'm trying to say is that here at Mel's we like our customers to have choices, we listen to suggestions and respond as often as possible - and that's what our expanded menu is all about. We've kept all our popular favorites and added some new items.
Responding to our customers needs is not only tradition at Mel's, it's part of our history. We hope you enjoy our menu selections. And, if you have any requests please continue to let us know.
We are lucky to have so many long time employees. We would like to thank them for their dedication and loyalty. Here at Mel's we are like a family, there have been many marriages and life long friendships made here. The following is a list of those who have been here ten more years: Jen C., Pat, Gus, Linda, Fran, Dianne, Connie, Steve and Junior.
We are in our second generation of ownership, Paul and Stu are now managing the Restaurant. Mel is beginning to step back and enjoy watching the fruits of his labor continue. We feel that all of you are part of our family and would like to thank you for your patronage.

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