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Born and raised in Portugal, Rui Borges has fond memories of the elaborate, festive meals with his family that took place around their kitchen table on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores-Portugal. From a young age, Rui knew that food was his first love and his passion. He eventually moved to the mainland of Portugal where he lived for several years. Traveling the Country from North to South, Rui was able to experience all the types of cuisine that vary by region. Rui learned two fundamental principles in his culture; utilizing the best ingredients and simple preparation. In August 2016 Rui Borges opened Lisbon Restaurant in the heart of International Drive at the Orlando Eye. Named after the Capital of Portugal, the restaurant’s menu is inspired by Borges’ Portuguese heritage. Chef Rui has created a well-balanced menu that is both rustic and refined. Lisbon’s menu includes various preparations of Bacalhau (salted-cod), unforgettable seafood dishes, fresh fish and traditional Portuguese meat specialties.

Delight your palate with one of our top sellers “Bacalhau a Lagareiro”. Lagar is the Portuguese word term for olive oil press and lagareiro referring to the worker of the press. Together with the best quality olive oil, flavorful garlic and “punched potatoes” this is one of those simple combinations of flavors and characteristically Portuguese. A must have is Chourico a Bombeiro, Portuguese sausage flambéed tableside with aguaardente (Portuguese grappa). And no Portuguese meal is complete without one of our famous Pasteis de Nata. Created before the 18th century by Catholic monks in Lisbon, these Portuguese egg tart pastries are simply delectable. At Lisbon we offer a full service bar including a very distinct wine list from the various regions of Portugal. Enjoy a true Portuguese dining experience at Lisbon Restaurant. Obrigado!

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