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Experience is a word commonly used to describe something extraordinary, an event that is captivating, intriguing and fascinating. The same words can be used to describe a dining experience, and the same dining experience can be measured by other characteristics including atmosphere, hospitality and sensibility.

At Lock 50, to make a truly unique dining experience we start with atmosphere. In 1825, ground broke on the Blackstone Canal forever changing the city of Worcester. Today, we aim to bring back the heart and vitality of the Canal District with a creative landmark featuring unique storefront designs, a beautiful mural and an upscale modern restaurant.

Once you walk through the doors, the next part of the Lock 50 experience begins. Hospitality starts with a simple greeting, a warm and endearing welcome, followed by charismatic service by attentive staff.

Next your senses come into play. In the Caf, aromas of coffee, cacao, roasted nuts and baked fruits will invite you in for a decadent coffee with breakfast or lunch. In the Restaurant, unique options of small and shareable options will fill your table, engaging all five senses. The food is complimented by innovative cocktails some traditional, some uniquely Worcester; an extensive wine list with varieties from around the world and hand-crafted beer that changes with the seasons.

Family is everywhere at Lock 50. Owner Ed Russos vision couldnt be complete without his son Sean and nephew Tim to guide the restaurant. And family values are emphasized throughout the restaurant making all our guests feel welcome, comfortable and respected during their dining experience.

So come, join us and let us treat you to a truly exceptional experience.

Merchant Locations

50 Water Street
Worcester, MA 01604
P: 508-379-3400

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