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Everyone comes to Ric's. We are the "Casablanca of the Catskills".

New World has been owned and operated by Chef Ric Orlando and his wife and partner Liz Corrado since 1993. New World is established as a Hudson Valley favorite with 20 years of operation as a beloved caf and caterer. We offer a unique concept---Global-Local-Sustainable Cuisine that combines upscale casual service with fun, vibrant but seriously executed "Clean Food" from around the world.

We are a large, rambling art barn on country highway 212 just 4 miles from the NY Thruway. We are situated between the hipster town of Saugerties, known for its art scene, Historic lighthouse, Antique boutiques, and festivals and the groovy hamlet of Woodstock, known for its artists, music and progressive world view.

More Flavors

When dining out, you must make a commitmentThai?, Italian?, BBQ, Burgers? Whatever. Using Liz's design expertise and Ric's extraordinary knowledge of Global Cuisine, New World offers a diverse array of the World's most beautiful and assertive flavors, all on one menu, so everyone is happy.
new world home cooking
More Excitement

"We give you a little something that you can't get at home"-Tom Waits

A well cooked dinner is always a expected, but why go out when you can do the same thing at home. At New World, our humming atmosphere, our menu diversity and our skill use of seasoning and spices make each visit stimulating! Each dishes' spiciness is rated on the "RIC-TER SCALE", so you can be as daring, or not so daring as you like.


Liz is Gluten Free, Sidney, their daughter is Vegan. Willis, their son has a dairy allergy. In Ric's kitchen menus are created with balance in mind. Pork belly here, vegan spicy green beans there and Gluten Free pasta over here. There are no "secret ingredients" that may conatin allergens at New World. The staff is fully trained in all categories. This level of sensitivity has been a culture at New World since the beginning.
new world home cooking
More Space

Being a converted barn, New World holds many seating options. Party of 10? No big deal! Have a big group looking to celebrate a mutual friend? New World can handle it. We have a beautiful private dining room that can hold up to 60 people, plus a converted porch that can accommodate another 50 and a backyard pario for private parties. Bring your friends, plan your weekend. Experience New World!

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New World Home Cooking
1411 RT 212
Saugerties, NY 12477
P: 845-246-0900

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