Dosa Factory

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One World Cuisines newest Indian food concept, DOSA FACTORY, opened its prototype restaurant last summer in an unassuming space in Central Square, Cambridge, not far from the campus of M.I.T.

In fact, it occupies the rear of well-established Indian grocery and spice shop called Shalimar. A dosa is a crisp, 18 rice flour crepe with endless filling possibilities. The ultimate Indian street food, it makes a perfect lunch or anytime snack, and can be made to order in less than a minute.

Against all odds, local diners quickly found their way to this cafeteria style lunch counter. Were they drawn by the delicious smells of fried batter wafting into the parking lot ? Were they curious about the lines of people forming in the back of the store ? Who knows, but DOSA FACTORY is indisputably a hit.

Of course, in a place like Cambridge, word of DOSA FACTORYS low prices, blackboard menu of Indian favorites like uttapam (leavened rice pancakes), soups, stuffed and griddled whole wheat breads, Indian burritos called kathhis, unique beverages like falooda, and more than 20 types of authentic Indian street snacks and desserts is likely to spread fast, so check it out soon.*

* Suburbanites rejoice ! A DOSA FACTORY is coming to Moody Street in Waltham, MA soon.

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