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Comune was founded on the principle of sharing. It is in our name and at the heart of everything we do.

Our story starts with two friends dreaming of creating a space to share their mutual passions for coming together with loved ones and the depth of flavor that can be a plant-based meal. Comune is this dream realized.

Our mission is a simple idea: Togetherness. Creating community through a space that welcomes you as if you are home. With a plate of food that ignites your spirit, awakens your soul. Both leaving you with the sense that youve found a place unique and full of heart; a place built upon ideals of health and happiness.

We are more than a vegetarian restaurant, we are a lifestyle and a feeling. We aim to create an atmosphere anyone would long to come back to and tastes that appeal to every type of eater, vegetarian or not. You are our foundation and the center of everything we do.

Merchant Locations

677 Parsons Ave
Columbus, OH 43206

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