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The Penny Ice Creamery

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The Penny Ice Creamery combines fresh local ingredients in small batches to create delicious artisinal ice cream. As one of the smallest dairy manufacturing plants in California, our production from all organic dairy and sustainably grown ingredients is done in the shop in full view of our visitors.


The Penny Ice Creamery opened August 24th as the only artisan ice cream shop in Santa Cruz, California where the finest ice cream, sorbet and treats are made daily in house from scratch.

The Penny Ice is the result of Chef Kendra L. Baker and business partner Zachary E. Davis combined efforts and passion for food. Together they cultivate a unique opportunity, inviting the community to take a look behind the scenes into their daily production. The open kitchen and showcased production room allow everyone to see what goes into making their delicious treats.

Chef Bakers intriguing menu selection centers on what is abundant and available in Northern California, in the changing seasons. This philosophy is emphasized by the use of local and sustainably grown ingredients. The regions best organically cultivated and wild fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs are the cornerstone of the menu. Likewise, The Penny Ice Creamery takes pride in using only organic dairy, eggs, and sugar..


The Penny Ice Creamery builds on the foundation of an abundant and available regional bounty. The simple, yet unique selection of house made ice cream, sorbet, frozen novelties, and retail goods emphasizes the use of premium, local, sustainably grown, and humanely farmed ingredients. We infuse a cooperative spirit in all efforts to bring about the finest, organic focused, frozen treats and accompaniments.

We recognize that much of the environmental impact caused by the food we produce takes place before it reaches our kitchen. For this reason we strive to make the most responsible purchasing decisions possible with regard to ingredients.

The Penny Ice team, in collaboration with local farmers, ranchers, foragers, and artisans, is committed to facilitating a net regenerative impact on the community.
All paper products used by The Penny Ice Creamery are 100% recycled and biocompostable. Packaging and take-away containers are also biocompostable.

In creating the store, The Penny Ice Creamery worked with Nielsen Architects and Santa Cruz Green Builders to follow Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) best practices during the design and construction

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