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Reach a much larger potential audience, an audience that doesn't have to visit your store, live in your area or know much about you. Customers can buy gift cards for friends, family, co-workers and more from their home or office. They can choose your gift card and have it mailed to whomever they wish and you, the merchant, don't have to lift a finger.

The program is very simple; we handle all of the advertising to drive traffic to our website. We will handle the entire order fulfillment process (charging the card and mailing it.) The only cost to you is 15% of the value of the card purchased. (For example, if a customer purchases a $100.00 gift card, we will take $15.00 and we will send you a check at the end of the month for $85.00.) That's it. There is no downside risk, if we don't sell any cards, you pay nothing.

Not only do you get the float and unredeemed value of additional cards that you may not have been able to sell on your own, but now you can expose your company and products to an even larger audience than you could on your current advertising budget. The more cards we sell, the more you make.

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