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Gift Card Programs

You have received gift cards, given them as gifts, and now you want to offer them for your business. The benefits for your customers are obvious, they are easy to buy, use, and offer your customers an incredible variety of choices. As a business owner, plastic gift cards offer increased security from fraud, the ability to track sales and buying trends, and gauge the effectiveness of your promotions. When a customer makes a purchase that uses up the value of the card, it can be recharged or be recycled and sold to another customer. Swipe It Technology creates, develops, administers, fulfills and provides marketing support for your personalized gift cards. Gift cards are activated within seconds of the purchase by swiping them through the terminal and adding the desired dollar amount. A customized receipt will be printed with the remaining balance at the time of purchase. When the card's balance runs low, customers can add money to the card, turning a one-time user into a lifelong customer.

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